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Residential Services

Our Home Automation system marks the evolution of the standard smart house system. It uses state-of the art technology to seamlessly connect the devices in your home for the purposes of creating a comfortable experience for you and your family, saving energy, and reducing your carbon footprint.


Installing our Home Automation system is like giving your house a brain. It will monitor and control a range of devices to maximise comfort, safety, convenience, and energy savings, all in response to your schedule or event. 


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Seamless Integration


Came Electric connects all the major devices in your home to offer you smart, responsive automation and flawless control that you can’t get from standard stand-alone solutions. Your system is based on our intelligent services platform, giving you superior control, improved awareness, and access to dependable state-of-the-art technology.

Minimal work will be required from you, with all control of the system being performed via a single app, whether you are home or away.


Adaptive Learning


We gather data from all your connected devices and get them to work together flawlessly, transforming your home into an intelligent ecosystem that learns and adapts to suit your lifestyle. 

  • Multi-sensor Learning: Traditional systems relied on intelligence from a single source, like motion detection, to try to learn your activity patterns. Our advanced Home Automation system takes intelligence from all the connected points in your home – motion activity or inactivity, door and window opening/closing, arming/disarming the security system, security sensors, and more. The result is more accurate data, a system with better understanding of your routines and activities, and superior adaptation of your Home Automation system to suit your needs. 

  • Predictive Performance: You can make a more decisive plan to save energy and money, and track how the changes affect your bottom line. Our Energy Monitoring system can take your home’s activity pattern data and highly complex algorithms to help you compare various temperature schedules and settings to maximise the savings on energy use and costs.


The ultimate result is a highly adaptive environment that goes beyond automated lights or a Smart Thermostat. 

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